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I know I don't use this anymore, but just a quick update. I've been sick since Sunday, so much so that I actually went to the doctors yesterday (actually, a Walgreens Take Care Clinic... awesome, in and out so quickly, and no naggy doctor). I have an URI and bronchitis. Luckily, today I feel a bit better. Haven't been to work all week, but unless my fever goes up, I'm going in tomorrow. I originally had jury duty tomorrow, but luckily my group wasn't needed and was released early. But now, my mom's coughing :( Ugh.

Nothing else new. I can't believe River will be TWO on Feb. 4th. I can't believe I've been without Bandit that same amount of time. I'm glad I've had River and Charlie.

Speaking of dogs and birthdays, Zoe turns 15 in February also. Such an old lady. I think she's a bit senile, but everything that needs to be working is working, and beyond a bit of haziness in the eyes, hard of hearing, and some tooth loss, she's holding together pretty well. I just wish she could hear herself barking ~_~ My gerbils, Daisy, and her two sons Stitch and Twitch, are getting old too. Daisy is 3 years old now, and the boys will be 3 in four months (yes, Daisy had her babies young :3 ). I can't believe how time flies.

Nothing else new. Hope things are going well on your end (whoever reads this nowadays).
An update to an otherwise un-used/no longer used journal.

Just spent the whole day re-reading my whole LJ from when I created it under the name "angeltabris" in 2001. Holy crap. I was very annoying. I apologize to those whom I annoyed. Maybe it was more annoying to me because I read each entry one after another.... I dunno. But, I'm glad I've matured, have become less... emotional (moody?)... and definitely less material. Age really does better a person. Also, I'm also kind of amazed at the amount of pets I've had over the years. I remember all of them, but I never realized how many I've had. I think I like just having the dogs, cats and gerbils. Working two jobs kind of forced me into a smaller menagerie, but I definitely believe it to be for the better.

Kind of proud of who I've become, actually. :) Though, turning 30 in November is kind of freaking me out. Right now, just looking forward to my road-trip in October to see da Katie get hitched!

That is all, carry on!
I'm no longer going to update this journal. Kinda moving over to Facebook. If you have an account lemme know :D
Asking again.

Anybody want a Wii? I'll sell it to the highest offer, it's just been sitting in my closet. I have a few basic games. If anyone's seriously interested, please email me and I'll get it down and go through it.

Thanks. Short on cash right now and freaking out.



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